Mango Latte

Richard Perrotta

Full Stack Engineer

  • csharp
  • react
  • ts
  • vscode
  • js
  • next
  • node
  • redux
  • mui
  • react2
  • tailwind
  • gatsby
I'm a high agency, self-motivated full stack engineer. My primary skills are in the Javascript, Typescript, ReactJS, and NodeJS ecosystems. My competency in both frontend and backend technologies make me a well-rounded developer who takes initiative to get things done. I approach complex problems with optimism, hard work, and a sense of ownership and responsibility for the features I ship.
My skills and experience include:
Frontend: managing application state, creating authentication flows, handling async requests and responses, handling error and loading states, data caching, tabular data display and charting, complex form data collection, secured routing, role-based route access, subscription-based feature access, creating and publishing reusable components, custom hooks and HOCs, file uploads, image compression and manipulation, theming and styling, e2e and unit tests
Backend: API creation and maintainance, headless browser debugging, database querying and scripting, data modeling, cron scheduling
DevOps & Soft Skills: CI/CD, version control, logging, meetings with stakeholders and product, team collaboration, code reviews, problem solving, adaptability, defining and refining stories and requirements, mentoring junior developers, providing application support